Australia’s only agricultural DLT on Hedera Hashgraph

Join our wine (beta) and dairy (alpha) trials. 

Agricultural supply chains are lengthy, complex and opaque, with uncertain (and risky) payment terms, questionable value-added services, poor customer engagement, weak direct to consumer capacity and a lack of a simple whole-of-industry approach to technology standards.

Entrust ensures end-to-end supplier, manufacturer and consumer security and automates record keeping at every stage.

Entrust is an ‘anything as a service’ (XaaS) provider, bringing trust to data migration and digital market places. We provide a range of additional bespoke DLT support services including: de-coupling the issuer from the verifier, algorithmic auditing and selective redaction. 

David Travers
Director and Co-founder

Former Head of Department of University College London’s School of Energy and Resources and the COO of UNSW’s Silicon Quantum Computing company. Currently chairman of Scope Global and SkillsLab. Recently returned to his family’s fifth-generation grape and broadacre farming enterprise.

Robert Allen
Director & Chief Technology Officer

A fintech startup specialist, chartered engineer and former British army officer, Allen has more than 30 years’ experience delivering digital transformation.

He is currently the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at eftpos and a member of the Governing Council of Hedera Hashgraph.

Jeffrey Grosset

World-renowned winemaker, owner and founder of Grosset Wines. A wine screwcap pioneer, Grosset campaigned to institute the legal integrity of the riesling grape in Australia.

Chris Bishop
Lead Engineer & Designer

A designer and software engineer building online services for UK’s National Archives.  Is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in London.

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